Sports betting has traditionally been the king of bookmakers. However, with the official approval of the so-called ‘Other Match Betting’ in 2014, the door was opened to introduce other sectors in which to make predictions. So, if you enjoy the adventure of playing with non-sports betting, take note and find out which segments are the most popular.

eSports betting

eSports betting

The world of eSports has arrived in betting in full swing. Major competitions of iconic games such as Call of Duty, or World of Warcraft or Dota2 monopolize some top international competitions. Not only do they fill stadiums, but they are also followed on streaming platforms and social networks by thousands of people around the world.

One of the most professionalized eSports and the one that offers the most competitions worldwide is League of Legends or Lol. Many bookmakers regularly offer the main international leagues such as the United States or South Korea. In addition to the winner’s market, many championships also allow betting on markets such as Who will reach the final or Who will play in the playoffs.

Non-sports betting: politics

Politics is one of the non-sports sectors in which most money is gambled in the world. However, it is true that it still does not have great penetration in some countries, like Spain. However, in countries like Great Britain, it is one of the topics that move the most money besides sports. Therefore, it is worth mentioning the number of non-sporting bets that have arisen in connection with Brexit. Forecasts on what year it will take effect or whether there will be a second referendum are two of the star markets in British bookmakers.

International Awards and Competitions

Bookmakers offer many different types of prizes. Some of the most popular among bettors are the Oscars, the Miss Universe contest or the Nobel Prizes. Usually, you can bet on the winner for the different categories. Special bets combining several events in a single bet can also be offered.

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