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The Next 150, On Indigenous Lands

Canada’s sesquicentennial offers an important opportunity to critically reflect on the nation’s past and seek to build a better, more inclusive and just future. Congress 2017 invites participants to acknowledge the country’s colonial past and present practices, and forge new relationships towards positive change and reconciliation. Building upon the insights, contributions and recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Congress 2017 theme “The Next 150, On Indigenous Lands” aims to mark the achievements and character of all peoples in Canada. Toronto is a vibrant microcosm of Canada’s diversity — and Ryerson University is a metropolitan university within that microcosm, committed to promoting equity, diversity and inclusive programming.

“The Next 150, On Indigenous lands” honours Canada’s rich history, a history that predates 150 years, and is inclusive of different ideas, geographies, cultures, countries, schools of thought and disciplines. The theme encourages reflection on our national identities, as well as cross-collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach to the social sciences and humanities.

As we celebrate the history, legacy and achievements of Canada in the last 150 years and those of the peoples and territories, we anticipate the next 150: a time of changing demographics, urban challenges, social justice and equality, new beginnings and boundless opportunities.