About Congress



Marco A. Fiola, Professor, Faculty of Arts has been appointed academic convenor and City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam has been named the inaugural city convenor. Fiola is the chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLC). Wong-Tam represents the Toronto Centre-Rosedale region and is an active member of the Ryerson community.

Marco A. Fiola, Academic Convenor:

As academic convenor of Congress 2017, Fiola will act as Ryerson’s Congress ambassador. He will oversee the development of informative and inspiring programming related to the event theme "The Next 150, On Indigenous Lands", which will explore and celebrate Canada’s identity, history, achievements, and future on the occasion of its 150th anniversary. Fiola will also promote Congress within our campus community, and to the local and national media.

Kristyn Wong-Tam, City Convenor:

The city convenor is a new role that Ryerson has implemented for Congress. As advocates for city building and community engagement, Ryerson has appointed Wong-Tam to help engage the broader community and promote activities with the municipal government.